September 30, 2016

Best body lotion, Lubriderm Daily Moisture

Inspired by Lubriderm’s ‘Battle of the Medicine Cabinet’ campaign.

Five years, two months, and we’re debating over who gets to use the Super Bounce serum today. “ME. IT’S MINE. I GET TO USE IT TODAY. BACK OFF, BROCK.”

If 71% of American couples argue over bathroom space, consider us the top 1%. NO. The top 0.5%. That’s us.

True life: we hoard bathroom products.

Thousands of products, overflowing in our studio apartment, all because we BOTH deserve to get something when we walk into a Sephora. That’s logic. And probably a shared ‘diva’ disorder.

NEVERTHELESS, we don’t share. So, we have duplicates of everything. That’s logic, again. Serums and facial moisturizers, even shoes and sunglasses. Case in point, the photo we snapped above. Double the amount expended from our checking account and we’re happy campers.

But, then there are products we will share together. Like deodorant. What goes in my armpit can go in yours. Or lotion. What I rub on my body, you can rub on yours. Logical, once again.

It comes down to the essentials, tried and true, i.e. what our Moms used and bought from Target when we were growing up, so we use them now, like, Lubriderm’s Daily Moisture Lotion 😛

The takeaway: we’ll share our lotion. But, we own hundreds of lip balms, serums, shoes, sunglasses, glasses, EVERYTHING.

Aren’t you happy to know that about us, now?

<3 B+C

Lubriderm Battle of the Medicine Cabinet, #lubridermbattleofthemedicinecabinet

In partnership with Lubriderm.


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