Best Hair Products for Men

The equivalent of three (3) Chipotle burrito bowls, well-spent.

We expect a lot from any hair styling product we use. It needs to be A) strong enough to control our semi-thick hair; B) pliable enough to work through our wavy-ish hair; C) finish off matte, so it looks natural; no gloss.

ENTER: Alterna Haircare’s Caviar Style Grit.


ENTER, ALSO: our attempt to divert attention from our beauty product hoarding problem (read: hundreds thousands of products in our tiny, studio apartment bathroom), to focus on just one product that we share.

Because, as Barney & Friends once taught us, sharing is caring.

We both have semi-thick, wavy-ish hair (Chris’, a little more thick, a little more curly), as we said earlier, and a cream paste doesn’t quite cut it. All while Brock’s M.O. is to use dry shampoo 24/7, ever since cutting his hair, we’ve both become accustomed to the same hair routine, needing a little more structure in our life – both for our hair, and for our incessant immaturity.

Since it’s medium-hold, Grit doesn’t end up feeling chalky as the day wears on; it’s pliable. Since it’s a matte paste, it doesn’t end up looking glossy or wet; HURRAY, WE DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS.

NOTE: we’re BIG fans of Caviar Style products, in general, specifically Concrete and Luxe Shape (which is a cream gel, doesn’t leave any sign of gloss), all in addition to Grit. BOOM.


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