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A hotel that’s bound to be the next millennial haven of South Beach, because… because WE SAY SO.

Dear Diary,

We’re seriously considering moving to Miami. Dare we say, we’re ready to don speedos 24/7 and become so jacked the veins in our arms have their own names, Zac and Efron. Funny, right?!

Ew. Ew ew ew ew ewwwww. We never want to be that buff.

For four nights, we stayed at the Washington Park Hotel in South Beach. Right HERE.

And all while the hotel is still in a ‘soft launch’ period until this Fall — meaning, they unfortunately didn’t have robes (yet) for us to take selfies in… ugh, we need to start traveling with our own robes… we actually should start wearing robes all day, every day, calling it “fashunz…” — the entire hotel is pretty incredible, jaw-dropping beautiful, even.

The setting: a cluster of Art Deco buildings lit up in neon, surrounding a central pool with pastel lawn chairs and tables. THE DREAM.

The crowd: young, 20-somethings, traveling from all over the world. THE DREAM.

The location: two blocks away from the 11th Street Beach. THE DREAM.

The entire property of WPH poised to host one wild pool party, with a green-lawned courtyard filled with hammocks, an acrylic ping-pong table and tons of speedos by the pool, thus proving our point: a hotel that’s bound to become the next millennial haven (a ‘hipster’ haven, if we will).

BUT, back to our impending semi-permanent departure from San Francisco to Miami — we’re serious. Could we handle six months in Miami?

<3 B+C

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