February 17, 2016

Where to stay in New York City

Hands down, our absolute favorite hotel. We’ll likely change our opinion when the Taj Mahal invites us for an exclusive stay, but, for now, Langham Place takes the cake.

Here’s how our week panned out: so much room-service. YAY.

That’s probably the most important part of the week, so it’ll suffice to summarize on that point.

Pop art on the walls, located on 5th Avenue, with pink accents everywhere, and the coziest robes we’ve ever worn — these are just a few of our favorite things. When we open our own hotel one day, we’ll take note: copy Langham Place NY.

We had a view of the Chrysler Building, endless supplies of sparkling water, and chocolate chip cookies every night. EVERY. NIGHT. Happiness resides with the small things in life, and small cookies by your bedside definitely count. No, yeah, they absolutely do. ALSO, a little random but such a good surprise: Measure Lounge, downstairs, has the BEST crab rolls we’ve ever had. Plus, their bianca pizza was 😛 😛 😛 one of our favs.

Cookies + pizza or not, it’s important to note: when not running around NYFW:M, we spent the entire week in robes and/or our underwear. Underwear dance party, just the two of us, at Langham Place! Now THAT is the true fashion event of the week.

Here’s our photo diary of our stay at Langham Place New York 🙂

<3 B+C

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