February 18, 2016

The best burger in San Francisco, at Mason Pacific

An egg, a pretzel bun, and bacon all walk into a bar. And then we eat them. YAY.

Our favorite burger in San Francisco is from Mason Pacific, in the form of what they call, “Joe’s Special.” The pretzel bun is surprisingly light. The bacon is juicy, yet still crispy. And the egg… THE EGG.

What we love most about the burger is it doesn’t taste fancy, even if it looks fancy, and that’s just so fancy.


In a restaurant we’ll deem as one of the BEST for people watching (there’s a corner booth, set right in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, that looks out onto the street; we need two other people to go with us and sit in that booth!), the food is altogether pretty amazing, without ever assuming too much. All like, “Hi, I’m a good restaurant and I just want you to eat my burger and fried chicken and pasta. Nothing more, nothing less.”

This is our favorite burger in San Francisco. The Joe’s Special at Mason Pacific.

<3 B+C

P.S. In addition to our favorite burger, we also have to mention (because, um… we probably drink too much wine), Mason Pacific also offers a Desert Island Wine list (handwritten in a cute, little menu book) including rare wines at affordable prices.


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