Yummertime Brand to Know: Killspencer

It’s a moment of “oh my goodness, so many people want to talk to me!!!!!” coupled with the sudden realization, “oh, they just want to know where my bag is from — THEY’RE USING ME!!”

This is a brand to know: Killspencer.

And this is what we’re deeming our “it” bag of 2016: the M-22.

Designed and manufactured in Silverlake, Los Angeles, the brand specializes in high quality, performance leather goods, among other things.

The only thing in our life that’s high-performance is our appetite, and so, it’s rather exciting to see a designer hold such a standard as, (our words, not theirs), “this bag needs to be able to be thrown around,” a.k.a. high performance! Because, trust us, we’ve thrown this bag around so much already. It actually hit Chris’s face a week ago, gliding past his large nose, unscathed. A MIRACLE BAG.

The simplicity of the bag is akin to Mansur Gavriel, save, more fit as a unisex offering. The leather is rigid and there’s only one small pocket inside. We’re pretty much obsessed with it, that’s all we really need to say.

In the spirit of the megaphone treatment, Killspencer is a brand we suggest you keep your eyes on.

Killspencer leather backpack




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