January 25, 2016

Yummertime, Hiro Clark Equinox tee

A revelation so un-profound, dare we say, we’re lucky we found each other — we’re fools.

If you’re as obsessed with looking at cats on Instagram as we are (/ even if you’re not), while scrolling through your feed, you’ll notice that the preeminent small-talk topic across generations, of the weathery kind, easily becomes a fast-track ticket to the easiest captions and images ever posted to one’s own account, all like,

“Oh my goodness, it’s raining! Look: rain! Wait, do you see?! RAIN!” (or)
“Oh my goodness, it’s snowing and my tongue’s out catching snowflakes, you can’t see them because they melt on my tongue, but, look. LOOK: snow! Do you see?! SNOW!”

Pure social media gold.

Though, unfortunately for those of us living in San Francisco, it doesn’t snow. And the tongue-out-catching-snowflakes-but-you-can’t-see-the-snowflakes-because-they-melt photo is near impossible to catch. Ugh. We want that photo.

This is all to say, the world becomes reduced to a small-talk conversation that seems to last a little bit too long. No, yeah… way too long. It’s like that one time at a bar, this guy next to us spent twenty minutes talking about about a Labradoodle he met over the weekend. Small-talk.

Why can’t we all just talk about kittens instead of the weather? Not small-talk.

We’ll just stay over here, in our tees and crop-cuffed chinos, not talking about a blizzard named Joe Jonas.

Speaking of tees and chinos:


Oh, and Brock’s wearing the latest collab tee between Hiro Clark and Equinox, “Arnold Is Numero Uno.” Like we said, Hiro Clark is making moves 😉

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