Yummertime California Coast Road Trip

Key words being, “sort of,” given that 1) our coastal road trip only spanned ⅓ the length of California and 2) we spent the majority of our time just looking for Jack in the Box and Taco Bell. Altogether meaning it was the BEST kind of road trip. Chalupas and sourdough jacks, our true salvation.

The car: a Chevrolet Volt.
The music: endless remixes of Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld through Apple Car Play.
The destinations: from San Francisco to Ventura, and then on to Laguna Beach. And then back again.

The best fast food aside, here’s where we went/ where we’d go on a California Coast road trip:

Get a french-inspired breakfast at Cafe Nouveau.
Take a snap on a lifeguard tower.
Snag the cheapest vintage finds at Coalition Thrift Store.

Santa Barbara
Eat a BBQ bacon charburger (if you’re not vegan!) at The Habit Burger Grill.
Become BEST FRIENDS with the crooked-necked giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Get clam chowder in a bread bowl at Splash Cafe.
Head over to the Dinosaur Caves and the residing cliffs to snap a selfie.
Trek 10 minutes towards San Luis Obispo proper and stop at the Madonna Inn for heaven on earth, a.k.a. everything’s pink. Take another selfie, yay!

Big Sur
Grab lunch at Nepenthe overlooking the California coastline.
Stay in a yurt at Treebones.
Stop at Pfeiffer State Beach and take a super trendy Instagram photo! Or another selfie. Yay!

Take a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and stare at jellyfish for hours. And hours.
Grab a lobster roll at Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing.

Santa Cruz
Eat a deep-fried oreo at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Take a trip to The Mystery Spot and have your mind blown. And take ANOTHER selfie. Yay!!

AND, lastly, stop at any In-N-Out. (Mind you, it’s no Jack in the Box or Taco Bell, but most people will say it’s better).

Since the Chevy Volt runs for ~60 miles on just electricity, we managed to make it from Ventura to Pismo with relatively no gas used… HURRAY, MORE CHEESEBURGERS because $$$.

For the rest of the trip, we just lip synced for our lyfe to every remix of Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld via Apple Car Play. The best use of technology, tbh.

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