Yummertime, men's grooming, men's hairConsider this a call to arms against shampooing your hair every day. But, it’s not like this hasn’t been talked about before. And before that. But other than those two articles, a quick Google search results in little coverage of dry shampoo, let alone cleansing conditioners or rinses, as applied to men’s grooming. Boooooooo, men’s grooming articles suck.

There’s no denying the fact that we’re so lazy that sometimes we ask Thomas, our cat, to dress us. He’s pretty good.

Regardless, we’re so lazy that dry shampoo is the closest thing to heaven on earth (other than a pizza and taco buffet and/or the bagged chip aisle at any grocery store).

More than just dry shampoo, though, instead of stripping our hair of essential oils every morning by “shampooing” the poop out of it, we’ll trade off every other day (give or take; Brock will go for five days straight without shampooing), using an alternative to “shampoo” itself.

Think: dry shampoo, cleansing conditioner, and hair rinse.

Here’s our take on three alternatives to traditional shampoos:

Hair Rinse ACV by dp HUE
When to use:
for a gentle, natural clean
We were a bit skeptical about putting vinegar on our hair + scalps… like, we usually only like vinegar on our chips… BUT this rinse proved us wrong. Seriously. It gently helps remove all the bad stuff from our hair without stripping away all of the natural oils, a.k.a. it cleans without drying out our hair. Win-win. The proof is in how our hair feels afterwards — super, duper soft.

Cleansing Foam Conditioner ANALOG by R+Co
When to
use: for a deeper clean, especially when your hair has product build-up
It cleans, conditions, and smells great. Basically, it eliminates the need for traditional shampoo. There we said it. The conditioner foams up, leaving our hair feeling extremely slick in the shower. 

Dry Shampoo PhD dry shampoo by Living proof.
When to use: on-the-go or when your hair has excess oil
It’s become a major staple of ours, especially when we’re traveling or just on-the-go (from Taco Bell). Unlike most other dry shampoos we’ve tried (and we’ve tried A LOT), this one actually seems to clean the hair. It also smells great and gives MAJOR volume. This is Brock’s secret to huge hair. The bigger the hair, the closer to godliness; we’re also looking into investing in Bumpits