December 15, 2015

Chris and Brock, of Yummertime, wearing Gap graphic sweaters for StyldBy

Where the New York Times might cover climate change and Rolling Stone might cover the presidential race, we’re inclined to post about graphic sweaters. Three in the same.


Honestly, though…  just look at this Apres Ski sweater and tell us you don’t get ooey, gooey, tickly feelings in the pit of your stomach. Which, if anything, could just be a symptom of having Chinese food for lunch and pizza for dinner. Regardless, the sweater is great.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Gap’s styld-by, we decided to focus our winter looks on graphic layers. In front of a pink wall. Graphic layers, pink wall.

All like, BOOM, a snowflake. Or, BOOM, some text that says, Apres Ski.


Graphic sweaters and sweatshirts, etc., Gaps’ been pushing out a lot of on-point items lately — i.e. look at this Cabin Fever sweatshirt. Which was an AWFUL horror movie (referencing Cabin Fever) that left ineffable scars on both of our psyches.

But, the sweater is great! (not to mention, an oxymoron given we’re obvi going to want to wear it out of the cabin to show it off, get it?!)

<3 B+C

Yummertime styles Gap graphic sweaters for StyldByChris, of Yummertime, wearing a Gap men's graphic winter sweaterChris and Brock, of Yummertime, wearing Gap men's graphic winter sweatersBrock, of Yummertime, styles a Gap men's graphic sweater


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