November 24, 2015

Brock and Chris, of Yummertime, in New YorkFour words: “the hours of indulgence.” Perfectly named, perfectly phrased. The moment when we fell in love with the 1920s-inspired WestHouse Hotel NYC was the moment when they said, “complimentary, unlimited champagne (and wine or beer) from 5pm to at least 10:30pm every night.” EVERY NIGHT. And they called it, “the hours of indulgence.”

Dare we say, both of our mothers would be proud; we took advantage. Total advantage.

Here’s our experience, wrapped up into an easy-to-follow, grab-a-glass-of-wine step-by-step process:

Step 1: Check in, learn about, “the hours of indulgence.”
Step 2Look to each other.
Step 3: Smile.
Step 4: Grab our bags, take the elevator up to our floor, and to our room.
Step 5: Gasp.

Step 6: Gasp some more.
Step 7: Quietly realize to ourselves that, because WestHouse is a smaller boutique hotel in Midtown, EVERY room is super luxe (and we lucked out with a suite).

and then…

Step 9: Jump on the king bed.
Step 10: Run out onto the terrace.
Step 11Scream out onto 7th Avenue.
Step 12: Take a selfie in a robe.
Step 13: Drink every bottle of complimentary Evian water.
Step 14Turn on the TV to Bravo.
Step 15: Head straight to “the hours of indulgence.”

All steps necessary.

That, and we also gorged on complimentary breakfast every day. BOOM. The WestHouse won our hearts. Champagne + food. We just felt like everyone should know that.

Chris, of Yummertime, on the WestHouse Terrace Yummertime, has breakfast on the WestHouse Terrace Brock, of Yummertime, on the WestHouse Terrace Yummertime, in king suite at WestHouseKing suite at WestHouse NYCBrock, of Yummertime, in King Suite at WestHouse NYC


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