ZAPPOS_01Dearest Diary,

Today is September 27th. And we’ve been sobbing for a good six hours. Okay, no, that’s such an exaggeration. Kind of like how we exaggerated about Thomas, our cat, talking to us — we need to get out more. BUT, we did cry (in happiness) at five different points during today.

  1. When we ate a fried chicken sandwich.
  2. When we ate chili cheese fries.
  3. When we had free snow cones from the Zappos tent, so we naturally got eight.
  4. When Brandon Flowers surprised the audience with The Killers.
  5. When we realized we had ignored the need to hydrate all day because we were running around the festival, too capricious to care, and had become dehydrated to the point of pure glee and possible insanity. THE BEST.

Over the course of three days at Life is Beautiful, we saw Major Lazer, Snoop Dogg, Porter Robinson, Glass Animals, Pia Mia, Brandon Flowers and The Killers, Robin Schulz, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, BORNS, Imagine Dragons and SO MANY MORE ARTISTS.

Which made us question: how does one become a groupie for Snoop Dogg? Totally just asking for a friend…

And at one point during the weekend, while walking through the streets of Downtown Las Vegas a.k.a. the entirety of Life is Beautiful, we were all like, “OMG, let’s get watermelon kiwi lemonades!” and so we did, and we were the happiest EVER. That’s all. It was such a great moment.

This is all to say, life is beautiful. Get it?! We think we’re way too funny

The biggest thank you to Zappos for sending us to our first music festival together. And for sending us to a place with SO MANY COLORFUL WALLS AND MURALS.


In partnership with Zappos for the Life is Beautiful festival.




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