yummertime visit to the Integratron near Palm Springs

Our Integratron experience can quickly be summarized by the following: Chris weeping silently to himself like Anne Hathaway in every movie she’s ever been in and Brock snoring SO LOUDLY through the most lucid sleep of his life, surrounded by twenty other strangers, laying on comfy blankets in an air conditioned dome in the middle of the desert. #normcore

We were first introduced to the Integratron by our best friend, John, and via, what might be one of our all-time favorite brands, Glossier and Into the Gloss. Immediately after the event, we both made note: it was one of the greatest experiences of our life. Save, it was also an experience we can only describe as, “we paid $$$ for adult nap-time.” Which begs to ask, what should we wear next time?! This. All of this:

  More about the Integratron here. And here. yummertime visit to the Integratron near Joshua Tree




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