August 27, 2015


There’s no better feeling than the feeling of a breeze against your tiny peach cheeks, out in the desert. We live our life according to the gospel of YOLO and what not to do on Pinterest, a.k.a. the mommy bloggers on Pinterest don’t like nudity and/or the Nicki Minaj phenomenon that is society’s obsession with butts.

We like butts.

Regardless, we like wearing great clothes a little more. We drove out to the middle of the desert in Yucca Valley, blasted Katy Perry and proceeded to dance around in front of the camera like this. And this. And this. Wearing polo shirts and short shorts like two pubescent boys at an all-boy Catholic boarding school, except we’re in our 20’s and live in a studio apartment with a cat.

But, that doesn’t matter, we LIVE for the dance.

It’s the end of summer and that means everything we ever really want to wear (pants are for suckers; WE DON’T NEED TO WEAR PANTS) is on sale. Like this American Apparel polo. And practically every pair of shorts from ASOS. And while we’re at it, practically every pair of shorts from East Dane. If something’s 70% off, that means we should buy it, right? It’s like that one popular slogan, Just Say Yes.

Shop shorts:


Shop Polos:

DESERT_7DESERT_8DESERT_9Chris: Polo Original Penguin (thrifted) / Shorts Asos / Huaraches Chamula / Sunglasses Ray-Ban Brock: Polo American Apparel / Shorts Frank & Oak / Sandals Adidas / Sunglasses AJ Morgan


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