May 18, 2015


So, that’s our title. MONDAY. MUSINGS. A.k.a., here’s a list of what we did this weekend, what we want to do this week, what’s in our shopping cart, and TAYLOR SWIFT. Obviously.

Which brings us to the question, isn’t alliteration just SO MUCH FUN?!?! No, yeah, it’s really not that fun.

BUT, as a totally important aside, we do think that these alliterative blog posts SHOULD exist:

MONDAY MONOCHROME: Cat lover’s blog dresses cats up in all black, all day.
MONDAY MEDIEVAL MOM MYSTERY: Mommy blogger gets wild and spends her Monday at Medieval Times while her kids are off at school. They’ll. Never. Know.
MONDAY MILANOS: Food blogger spends their entire Monday eating 17 packs of Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies while ‘live’ blogging the entire thing. Why 17? WHY. NOT. Obviously.


  1. THIS is in our shopping cart. But, like… You. Need. To. Tell. Us. Should we buy it?
  2. We finally watched Still Alice and Chris wept throughout the entire movie. WEPT. Full on, ‘HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN, BROCK?! BROCK!?!? WHY?!?’, weeping.
  3. We ALSO finally watched Welcome To Me. Well, no, not finally, since it just came out. But, like… um… we just didn’t get it.
  4. Calvin Klein JUST launched their athleisure-inspired capsule collection. And we really, really, really, really love it.
  5. We went to All Good Pizza (they’re site is basically Myspace, circa 2004) and ordered enough food to feed a family of ten. For just the two of us. And then we ate two hours later. And then two hours later after that. Because, “live and let eat.” Or, like, just #yolo.
  6. Somehow we were cut from the final edits of Taylor Swift’s new music video for Bad Blood. So sad.
  7. And finally, THIS is what we want to do this week. (we typed in “winning the lottery gif’ and that’s what showed up).

(These photos were inspired by the beautiful stock photos found in Ross (Dress For Less) picture frames. And, um… we’re being sarcastic?).

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