We don’t know how.

15 degrees Fahrenheit, New York City, and we decided to be the two California boys who wanted to wear their two favorite coats instead of investing in proper parkas… (rather, our two favorite, ‘dangerous for the weather’ short, varsity jackets clearly not suited for a real winter but are GREAT for pairing with our new glasses… wait, is that even a thing?!)

But, it was NYFW, and we needed to look edgy, right?!?

Our week in New York mainly consisted of us complaining about the cold. So much so that we’d meet someone new and instead of saying our names, we’d just say, “Hi, I’m freezing.” Okay, we thought that that was funny. It isn’t that funny.

Regardless… this was us. And just because we can’t not include a gif with a kitten in it, this was also us.

For our favorite jackets — the Golden Bear varsity jacket on Brock and our most recent discovery while thrifting in San Francisco, a vintage GANT varsity jacket on Chris — we paired the two with super simple looks beneath, given our outerwear picks were already ‘loud’ enough on their own. On their own, they’re already like, HEY, YOU… YOU OVER THERE, LOOK AT US. OH MY GAWD, LOOK AT US. DON’T LOOK AT HER, LOOK AT OUR INGENIOUS USE OF WHITE AND CAMEL LEATHER TRIMMING. LOOK AT OUR INGENIOUS USE OF PLAID AND BURGUNDY. So much caps… But, that’s what you get with a ‘loud’ piece of clothing. How annoying.

Moral of the story. We don’t know how to layer. Oh, wait, we already said that.


Chris: GANT Jacket (thrifted) / Uniqlo Turtleneck / Levi 511s / Dr. Martens Boots / Warby Parker Glasses

Brock: Golden Bear Jacket (similar) / J.Crew Shirt (similar) / Wallace & Barnes Jeans / Converse Shoes / Warby Parker Glasses

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