With the storm of the decade ahead of us, there’s no better way to spend our time than by curling up with a book. Or a kitten. Or a book and a kitten. Throw in a blanket. And maybe a space heater. And maybe a pack of Reese’s. Make that seven packs. Oh, and we’ll be wearing UGGs. Don’t judge.

Okay, you’re judging. So stop. No, really. Just stop. Really, really. UGGs are great. Okay, your face right now just screams judge-a-roni. Yeah, it’s a thing. Judge-a-roni.

Okay, please don’t tell anyone we wear UGGs.

This is our FOURTH installment of our YUMMERTIME BOOK CLUB series. Shhh. We were late and didn’t post last month. It won’t happen ever again. Pinky promise. What? You don’t believe us? WE PINKY PROMISE. We. PINKY. promise.

For this time around, we decided to go a little deeper into which books we should be reading. And by deeper, we really just mean to say, we decided we weren’t going to read a book that’s all about ferocious man-eating dinosaurs. Oh, yeah, and Lena Dunham. But, THIS time, we chose the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Goldfinch (Chris’ choice), by Donna Tartt, and a collection of grim, short stories, Mr. Bones (Brock’s choice), by Paul Theroux. They might be out of the pop culture conscious, or never in it, but the two, from what we can gather, really speak to what we love when we read:

  1. A tear-inducing fictional memoir that takes place in New York (okay, really, it doesn’t matter where it takes place, as long as it makes Chris cry, he’ll read obsess over it).
  2. A collection of scary and eery stories, in place of every scary movie Chris won’t let Brock watch (#truth: it’s so weird to write about each other in the third person… we’re like that weird contestant on Top Chef or Project Runways who always refers to themselves in the third person; you know, the one that NO ONE ever likes… this can’t be good for us).


Now, on to our assessments of Not That Kind of Girl, by Lena Dunham, and Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton, from last month the last two months. For the sake of brevity, we’ll attempt to review each book in under 140 characters.

Not That Kind of Girl
Moving, engrossing & smart. The best part, her discussion on diet & internet bf Igor. Ends w/ a lingering sense of maybe too much privilege.


Jurassic Park
SO MUCH BETTER than the movie. A good read for nerds. We’re totally nerds. Succinct writing, scientific explanations. LOVE. Ah, the raptors!


Okay, so 140 characters totally dials back how thoughtful we can be in writing a review about each book. What would you say? What did you think after reading them?

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