October 10, 2014


Have you ever been so flustered in the morning that you forgot to put underwear on? We mean, no, yeah… yeah, that’s never happened to us before either…

Okay, but that’s besides the point. The point, you ask? The point is… YUMMERSLIME! With the quick revival of the 90s that’s been happening for the past year, and keeps. on. going. (okay, so maybe it’s not “quick”), our love for slime has been completely renewed, rejuvenated and soon to be relived. Yup, that’s right, we bought some ACTUAL slime. Cue impromptu Instagram photoshoot!

Oh, please don’t tell us you don’t know what SLIME is?!

We worked with one of our favorite designers and artists, Andy Simmonds (of Rooney Design), to design a totally rad version of the Yummertime logo. The kicker? He made a slime green version AND a grape jam version. When you check out his work, you’ll immediately see just how well he works with color — hands down, he’s one of the best.

But, let’s be honest, can we just cut to the chase and say that the two-thousand-teens (again, is that what we’re calling this decade?… hello? anyone?) will be defined as a decade that just blatantly borrowed from the past? And we’re totally fine with that! Well, except we could do without the 60s-inspired flower crowns (that’s not true… our cat, Thomas, would look so cute in a flower crown!). Really though, we can’t even begin to tell you how many gals and guys have told us their sense of style is “retro.” And we love it! It’s almost like the definition to ‘reappropriation’ has been broadened to the masses (hence, the rise of the ‘hipster’) — which is, like, totally interesting to us! But, hey, we’re getting too analytical here…

Analytical or not, our style definitely borrows from the past, here and there, and only in small doses (don’t go overboard on us, okay?!). But, to us, that’s the fun part 🙂 The fun? Using an item that means something to us personally, built on a feeling tied to a specific time.

Back to the slime! No matter how many times we hear “the 90s were the worst decade,” one thing is for certain… our love for that little decade is still going strong. Just wait until you see our beanie baby collection… kidding?



Yummertime <3’s Rooney Design.

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