October 6, 2014


Monday. Can we leave it at that? Oh wait, we forgot our hashtags! #monday #mondays #mondayblues #mondayssuck #mondaymopey #mondaymoody #mondayitis #mondaymorning #mondaymotivation #mondaycouple #mondayselfie #mondaymadness #mondaymonkey #mondaymoveover

Yeah, that’s it. There we go. Oh, shoot, we forgot one. #mondaynightfootball. Perfect.

We’re sipping on coffee, sitting at our kitchen table, writing this post, listening to the Vengaboys. Remember them? No? Really? Come on… really? Still no? Okay, fine, yeah, whatever, never mind. Wait, no, really, you must have heard Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!? Still no? Okay, yeah, never mind. But, just think about how great that song title is. “You guys, you guys! What if… what if we just say the same word four times in a row?!” “GENIUS. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS, GENIUSSSSSSSS.”

Cue Yummertime’s first single, Wooo, Wooo, Wooo, Wooo!!

Oh, look now, Thomas just jumped onto the kitchen table. Thomas is a cat. He’s so cute. Cue baby talk, “You’re so cute, Thomas. Yeah, you are. Sooooooooo cute. You’re just sooooo cute.”

It’s a bit of a mindless Monday. Why is that? Wait, it’s Monday, right? Like, what if we hash tagged all about Monday… and it’s not Monday?! That would be a tragedy. Totes a Shakespearian tragedy.

But, let’s be serious for a moment. As mindless as today might end up being — oh, look, Topman is having a sale! — we’ve been incredibly inspired by the feeling evoked from a simple shadow. Let’s not get all philosophical, though. It’s simple, in the midst of searching for daily inspirations (enter motivational poster, “Today is your day. Carpe Diem. Seize the Day. Eat a hot dog”), for us, a simple shadow’s all we need. And when we’re cranking through the week, that simple moment of, “Oh, yeah, damn, so cool…” well, that’s what keeps us going.

Wait. Yummertime posted about… shadows?

Yes. Yes, we did. To us, to talk about style means something more than just an “outfit of the day.”


Chris: Uniqlo Tee

Brock: Josephine St. Cafe Tee

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