September 19, 2014


It’s Friday! Friday, oh, Friday! And for us, this weekend couldn’t have come any sooner (but, we also said that last week and the week before that… and probably the week before that). With the days becoming shorter and shorter, we’re finding it more difficult to accomplish all that we want and need to do in the daylight hours. The tragedy of it all, right?

This week, during one of our (typically) frantic mornings, we walked down to Valencia st., passing Mission Beach Cafe on our way from Market. 7:45am, on the way to morning meetings, we realized no one was in the restaurant.

It’s common knowledge across the city… on weekends for brunch, there’s usually a huge line out the door of Mission Beach Cafe. A weekend staple, fighting against the likes of Brenda’s, Foreign Cinema, Plow and Nopa, Mission Beach Cafe, to be honest, isn’t always our first choice for brunch. But, that’s only because we tend to try out new brunch spots on a regular basis. The brunch itself is incredible and well worth the wait — a little tip, get the quiche.

Brunch aside, we took a detour from our morning ritual and spent twenty minutes in any empty Mission Beach Cafe, drinking a latte and an americano. There’s something about being in an empty cafe or restaurant that makes you feel calm — or at least, that’s how we felt. Our little secret hideaway, up until now, sharing with you 😉

And as we discovered our new sense of calmness, we thought about serious life questions. Like “did we remember to record The Mindy Project?” and “do we really want to go to the gym today?”


P.S. Construction across the street makes for a colorful reflection, right?

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