September 16, 2014


It’s been almost three months since we started Yummertime (seems like WAY longer, right?), and we’re just now realizing we haven’t shown you where we live. No, we’re not giving out an address… You’ve most certainly picked up on our sense of style, clothing-wise, though, and so we wanted to share a few objects, trinkets… knickknacks that help us feel right at home, when we’re at home 😛

Since there’s two of us, our style is a blend — an eclectic collection of discoveries and finds we’ve parceled together over the past three years. But, trust us, we definitely make use of each other’s veto power. A conversation that tends to go like:

“What about this humongous vase?”
“What about this enormous picture of a cat?”

All vetoes aside, here’s a quick peak into the knickknacks that have made the cut and are here to stay 🙂


1. Boob Pot (above, above) — our most recent, and unique, acquisition. There’s just something about a tan-line clad ceramic pot that really makes us happy.

2. Our ever-growing stack of magazines + our favorite chair (above) — the only thing we love more than magazines is more magazines. And our woven leather chair via One Kings Lane, of course.


3. Slim Aarons (above) — we’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, we love Slim Aarons. An expensive hobby to be a collector of his work, but well worth it to us… if only we had more wall space for these babies.

4. Lion Bookends (below) — when we travel, we love to thrift and antique. And after finding out that San Antonio is one of the least ‘hipster’ cities in the country, we stuck to antiquing, discovering a pair of vintage lion bookends (made in Brazil!).



5. Native American Indian Mask (above) — a gift from Brock’s aunt. We’re not completely sure of the origin, sadly, but we absolutely love it (though, we’re not so sure we’d like to cry frog tears… no, we’re definitely sure we wouldn’t want to).

6. ‘Eat’ Sign (below) — a favorite find from one of our favorite stores in one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city.



7. Lego Minifigures (above) — one of our more extensive collections, a shop at Target is never complete until we pick up one of these little guys… literally, we always grab a Lego Minifigure when we go to Target.

We constantly find inspiration as we continue to collect and curate our studio-office-apartment. What are some of your favorite things? What knickknacks have you collected that make you feel at home?

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