August 8, 2014


What’s your take on diners? We love ’em. We even live above a 24-hour diner! No, not Denny’s.

We’re always searching for new neighborhood favorites/gems and we’re surprised it’s taken us this long to check out It’s Tops. Standard, yet delicious diner fare. But, the best part is how authentic the whole place feels. There’s nothing commercial about it.

Of course they have oldies music playing and of course they have old-fashioned, vinyl bar stools and a malt machine — all staples of a good diner. But, there’s a subtle feeling of comfort and ease at It’s Tops that trumps the whole nostalgic atmosphere of a diner.

It just feels good at It’s Tops. Plus, it’s been open since 1935!

Maybe it’s your next morning go-to? They’re also open till 3AM Wednesday-Saturday 😉





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