When it comes to making our way over to Crissy Field near the Presidio to hang out — we usually don’t 🙂 Not because we don’t like it, but simply because we view a 20-30 minute bus ride as too long! We’re walking contradictions, though, because we’ll gladly trek for 40 minutes to La Taqueria in the Mission, all for a tasty, grilled burrito.

We love a good burrito.

But, we’ve both been so stressed out lately, and that’s just a recipe for a big disaster. It’s usually a tradeoff between who’s calm and who’s a tiny bit panicked. An easy balancing act 🙂 But, when we’re both stressed and ‘hangry‘… it’s a dramafest.

With Chris’ sister in town for the week, we decided to break away from the routine, which usually includes wandering aimlessly around the Mission (trying to find FOOD). So instead, we decided to find food, or rather brunch, out in the Marina — BIG CHANGE to our typical Sunday. Baby steps to changing a routine!

As it turns out, relaxing in Crissy Field with Karl the Fog and a blanket was just what we needed.

A picnic pick-me-up.



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