July 28, 2014


We love a good Mexican Coca-Cola. But, this post isn’t about that 😉

It seems like pork belly is the new trendy food. We’ve seen it show up in burritos, sushi, and poutine, on its own or served as a pizza topping. It might as well be the new bacon! (well, no… we do love our bacon)

But, whether it’s a craze or not, we are willing to bet that Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers is in it for the long-haul. The restaurant is completely new (only just a few weeks old!), but if you’re in the know, Tom’s been in business for a while with his belly burgers, as a caterer and food truck/ side-walk vendor.

While strolling around SoMa a week ago, trying to find a good place to shoot a post, we popped in to Tom’s Belly Burgers with just an hour to spare, and quite possibly had the BEST HOUR of our day — doing what we love most: eating 🙂

For Brock? The Banh, Baby, Banh. For Chris? The Truck Stop. Paired off with two Mexican Coca-Cola’s, fries and rosemary aioli, we instantly fell in love with belly burgers. And at the end of our meal, Tom even invited us back into the kitchen to have a look around!






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