July 2, 2014



Let’s be honest, backyards in San Francisco are rare. When you find one, latch yourself onto it. That’s just what we’ve done with Brock’s sister’s backyard — latched. ourselves. onto. it.

With the quick bit of sunshine that peeped out yesterday evening, we rushed out to the backyard to enjoy the ‘summer’ in San Francisco. To say ‘summer’ is generous. If you know us, which we hope you do one day :), we love a good 100-degree Fahrenheit day in Palm Springs, lying by the pool, sipping on a tasty margarita. Although, Chris tends to prefer piña coladas.

But, hey, we can’t be picky! We’ll take any sort of sunshine, hanging out in the backyard with some of the best people we know. It was a good day. Yummertime.






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