Don’t get us wrong, we really do have an appreciation for art, and art of all kinds! But, sometimes you need to interact with a piece in order to fully appreciate it…

Who are we kidding? We’re just a couple of nutty boys, taking some pictures and giggling together in a quiet museum. Out of the many shots we took, these two are our favorites 🙂

Our membership to the De Young and Legion of Honor has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made together (And trust us, there’s been a lot of purchases… What can we say? We love to shop!). Even if just for an hour or two, it’s a great feeling to walk slowly through a museum without a set schedule.

Better yet, the De Young continuously has some of the best exhibitions around. Their current exhibition, Modernism from the National Gallery of Art, is a total must-see. Our favorite piece? Saigon, Minnesota by Eric Fischl.



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