March 10, 2016

Yummertime + Tommy Hilfiger for men

The Tommy Hilfiger man is preppy, a guy who more likely plays tennis than he does basketball. But since both require acute hand-eye coordination, we’re at a severe loss — we’d rather go shopping and drink Starbucks’ Peach Green Tea Lemonades (THEY’RE BACK!) than play with balls. That’s not true. We’re awesome at beer pong. Srsly. Always on fire.

BUT, where does this leave us?! We want to be Tommy Hilfiger men. We want to give the illusion that we know what to do with a stick and a few balls, all the while wearing a striped polo and khaki shorts and boat shoes. And, like, we totally do, but, you know…

We want to be preppy.

Are we preppy? It’s a question we always ask ourselves, in the course of shopping for new clothes. What is our aesthetic? What do we like? We’re not preppy. But, are we? We’re boring ourselves. Let’s get pizza.

BUT, wait.

There’s a different feeling that comes with Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2016 collection — it’s fun. The colors. The designs. It doesn’t take itself so seriously. And in that way, we don’t take ourselves so seriously either.

Case in point, THIS and THIS. AND we need THIS pair of swim trunks. We’d be SO MUCH MORE FUN if we were wearing all of these pieces.

But, like, look how moody we are in these images. WE’RE LIARS. WE DO TAKE OURSELVES SERIOUSLY. Jk. We don’t. Where’s the pizza?

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